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Happy and Prosperous 2009 from the Storymoja Family!

Actually just three more days until the old year falls off and the new year jumps on.

2008 has indeed been a year to remember for all of us. This year we watched our country fall apart. This year we watched ourselves survive against war, hatred, political spite, food shortage, spiked food prices, fuel shortage. And this year, survived.

That we can survive that much, is surely hope that we can do more than survive in the next year. We can make our country a much better place for all of us to be in.

For all you writers, this last blog of 2008, from Storymoja, is a reminder of what can be. Muthoni Garland presents you with a hilarious story about her characters come alive. Try it with your characters, it can be quite interesting! This story was chosen by the Blog Editor to remind all of you to write more, and I sincerely hope it will inspire you. Characters Ripen. Plot Rots. Author Walks. By Muthoni Garland

Paul Kairiuki’s The Good Samaritan and the Justice System is one more reminder of things that can change in 2009. This very talented writer takes us on a heart wrenching journey to the hangman’s nose.

As we await the inaugration of the US president on January 20th, Mwangi Mwanjumbi is sending him wishes of good health and long life as well as a few tips for keeping it. To US President Elect Obama, for your health and long life By Mwangi Mwanjumbi

Here is wishing you a happy, prosperous 2009 from the Storymoja Family!

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