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Story of the Week – Pains Shortlisted by Gideon Chumo

It is a bit infuriating for this editor because she/he cannot compete for the story of the week! I would at the very least serve the role of the independent presidential candidate who caused a furore when George Bush jnr. stood(yes, direct from Kikuyu translation, arugamire ) against and won, who was it, the guy who lost and caused several cases of general depression in the US. You know him. (This tirade is directed to Mwangi Ichungwa and Gideon Chumo. More importantly, it is a call out for all of you wonderful wonderful people here, to raise your writing to a whole new level.)

It is official: We have graduated! To a whole new level of expectations. So before I announce what your votes say, here are the rules for the new class.

1. Always double edit your work before you send it to us.

2. Use Times New Roman Font, with 1.5 spacing to make it easier for the editors to review your work.

3. Always title your pieces, and make sure your story has author name, even if it is a pen name!

4. Keep to the word count. Minimum 1200 words, maximum 1600 words.

5. Send in your work in word 97 attachment to

6. Language of your piece should be English. Occasional sheng, swahili and mother language allowed, with translations in bracket.

7. If you have a blog or personal website, please feel free to include hyperlinked blog name at the bottom.

8. If your work has previously been published, please indicate where and when.

9. I f you would like us to add images, please send them to us with the article, and ensure that you have the rights to use it.

10. Let your writing rule, with the scepter of creativity, the signet ring of your unique style, the crown of excellence, upon the throne of the African spirit of strength and resilience!

That said: Your votes are in and this week’s Story of the Week is…

Pains Shortlisted by Gideon Chumo Read it…

And now that the month has ended. Please vote for the favorite story of the month.

These were the stories.

1. Spilt Milk by Mwangi Ichungwa (February 8th, 2010)

2. Chicken Crossing by Gideon Chumo (February 15th 2010)

3. Pains Shortlisted by Gideon Chumo (February 22nd 2010)

Enter the title of your favorite story in the comments section below. Emails will be verified. Your favorite story and the editor’s pick comment will receive a surprise prize.

Once again, please send in your work to We will be awarding one of our readers and contributors every month, so be sure to send in your work or comment on the featured stories.

Do you have any ideas about how to make your weekly reading more fun? Please send your suggestions to today. Join us here on Monday for the next batch of stories and be sure to vote for the next Story of the Week.



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