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Storymoja and Maria’s Libraries – A Partnership to get a book in every hand!

Storymoja is committed to publishing contemporary East African writing of world-class standard. We source widely to identify good local writers, help them edit their submissions to exacting standards, and develop eye-catching book-covers.
Our books are marketed to a wide Kenyan audience for entertainment rather than as textbook material. This constitutes our unique selling proposition. We want to challenge the perception that Kenyans do not read (other than required educational text) by providing them with the contemporary stories they can identify with and which we believe they are dying to read.
While we strive to produce books of international literary and production quality, major consideration is given to affordability and innovative marketing and distribution in order to engage and reach the widest possible readership. You will agree that even with good media exposure, price is a significant barrier to purchase for many Kenyans, and we’ve addressed that by simply focusing on volumes as opposed to high margins. It is a long-term strategy that is unlikely to be financially profitable for us in the short-term but will hopefully fulfill our deeply-felt Storymoja motto of getting ‘A book in every hand’.
Maria’s Libraries is committed to promoting a library network in Kenya. They are currently engaged in three primary activities.
Building Libraries – Currently, our main work involves building a modern, fully equipped community library in Busia, Kenya, which we hope will serve as a model library for similar initiatives in other parts of the country.
Networking Libraries – Libraries on their own are important and powerful sources of information. But together, they can do even more—they can share resources and ideas, and collaborate on a national scale.
Promoting Libraries and Reading – Our work at local and national levels to promote libraries and reading in Kenya is based on two ideas. 1. Sustaining libraries in any country relies on philanthropic networks of “friends.” 2. Actively promote reading at the local and national level, through events like reading tents for school children, and through competitions and other activities in conjunction with Kenya’s domestic publishers.
Storymoja and Maria’s Libraries have come together to make it possible for you to be part of this reading revolution. How can you help?


  1. You can donate book and cash to Maria’s Libraries. To find out how, go to

  3. Buy Storymoja Books from book stores, or online at Mamamikes or Rachel’s Bargain Corner and then either post or instruct the online stores to deliver the books to


Maria’s Libraries

Box 234 Busia,

Kenya 5400.



A library is a hospital for the mind.
~ Anonymous ~

People die, but books never die.
~ Anonymous ~


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