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Last Year’s SHFK Storytelling Winner attends the Guardian HAy Fest in the UK.

Joanne is 15 years old. She is a Form 2 student at Precious Blood Secondary School. She recently went to Hay-on-Wye, in the UK, to attend the Guradian Hay Festival. The trip was as a result of winning The Storymoja Hay Festival Storytelling Competition with her story about conforming to technology.

Joanne telling her winning story at the SHFK 2009

When I asked her about herself, she told me:

“Joanne is your basic average girl who has a touch of uniqueness in her, a pinch of serenity in her actions, and a dose of finality in her speech, sounds like something from a fortune cookie so I’ll make it a bit more real.

Joanne is a noisy and talkative girl who is apparently funny. [I have learnt to take being humorous as a complement though I am not aware of its extent or confines considering that when I crack a joke intentionally people don’t laugh.]

I like hanging out with friends and family. I am a proud born-again Christian. I enjoy listening to music, watching movies, singing [I agree I do not sound like Beyonce and the like but I don’t crack glasses or drop chandeliers either, so on a scale of 1 to 10 I’d give myself a 7]. I love talking, on just about anything to just about anyone but I enjoy the company of silence once in a while.

I am rational most of the time. I think deeply about matters being overlooked andtry to make sense of thing s. I like school as it is my gateway to knowledge. I want to study Law after High School.  I believe that God does not need a well known institution to make you who you need to be.

The Guardian Hay Festival was a great experience for me and I hope you’ll enjoy reading about it. I was able to see the even greater importance of reading not only for Academic purposes but also for entertainment and relaxation.

One thing I’ve learnt from this great Storymoja experience is that opportunities have their way of knocking at your door it’s just up to you to go for it. I’d like to encourage anyone and everyone who reads this to put their best foot forward at all times and to always do your best everytime. It’s never too late or even too early to achieve in what you know best. Always trust and believe in God, He never disappoints!”

Muthoni Garland of Storymoja congratulating Joanne after she won the storytelling contest.

To read about Joanne’s experience at the Guardian Festival click on the links below.

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