Celebrating East African Writing!

3rd Contemporary Story and a notch higher!

Mwangi Ichungwa  follows in Naomi Kamau and Clifford Oluoch’s footsteps with his winning Contemporary Nairobi story The Classifieds and excels! Congratulations Mwangi!

At this point, we now take things to a higher level!

Storymoja and Generation Kenya have come together to run an experiment on conversations. And we need your help.

Twice a week, we will post a photograph on the Storymoja Blog (  and on the Generation Kenya ( website. These photographs will be of Kenyan People, in Kenyan Scenes, talking about Kenya.

You can do two things:

  1. Comment on the picture, tell us what you think is going on in the picture, what the people in the photographs might be talking about. Keep it brief, and come back to see what others have said. If you find an issue that you care about has been brought up, please comment, and stay to have a conversation.
  2. Send us a story or dialogue based on the photograph. Your story or dialogue, if chosen will be published on the Storymoja Blog as part of a combined Contemporary Kenya/Kenyan Conversations Campaign. Weekly winners will be announced every Friday.

For more details, keep your eye on the Storymoja Blog and Website.



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