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Kenyan Conversations 2

Photo by Jerry Riley. Visit to see more pictures of Kenya

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6 comments on “Kenyan Conversations 2

  1. Sarah
    July 9, 2010

    Looks like the man is new in this neighborhood, and maybe as a welcome, he got mugged.

    Looking on are layabouts in the area. They have nothing better to tell him but just look at him as he agonises about his loss.

    Another member of the hood listens to his story and tries to advice him onthe next step of action to take – maybe even giving him directions o how to get to his destination on foot since maybe he has not even a Ksh 10 coin to get him to the next bus stop. Perhaps, he is explaining the places to avoid in this neighborhood, which seems friendly at a glance, but where any new comer can be smelled from as far as where thy board a matatu in the City Centre to get here.

    It may seem strange to some readers, but it is true … in this day and age, lacking a Ksh 10 may keep you from so many things; getting home in time, eating that bowl of githeri, buying that paraffin, buying a cup of tea and andazi for breakfast or even from getting toilet services.


  2. Liz
    July 9, 2010

    Onyancha is a self confessed serial killer who recently shocked Kenyans when he narrated on how he had killed 17 women and children, stating that his target was 100.

    The hut we are seeing here belongs to the gesturing man. He is a neighbor to the Onyanchas. A small hedge separates his hut from the Onyanchas compound. The other men, shocked to know that their friend has been a neighbor to the serial killer all these years have come for a little catching up. It’s quite early in the morning.

    “I am telling you, Onyancha climbed this small fence you see here hundred times to come over here for a chat, how could I know he was a killer!?!
    “Tho! Tho! Tho!” spits the man holding his coat, “what has the world come to!!!”
    “My friend,” says the man with the No.5 tee shirt, “a vampire amongst us! Who knows, he may have sucked your blood in the night without your knowledge. Isn’t that what vampires do?”
    “I can’t believe I am hearing this,” retorts the man sitted on a brick.
    “Let’s do a check in your house, this man Onyancha… you can’t be too sure!!” says the man in the middle of the bench.
    “We live in dangerous times,” says the man of the homestead, still looking at the hedge, wishing he could erect an electric fence!!


  3. kENEDY
    July 9, 2010

    look and see
    man with coat:Kama
    man pointing:James
    man with number 5 t shirt:tony
    man with slippers Joe

    Kama:so what do you James think i mean what is this about government with this constitution thing
    James:(laughing)you very funny
    tony:(joining in the conversation)no it he is more than funny he is simply an idiot
    Kama:what!now what do you guys have against me or—
    Joe:its not you that they are against.
    Kama:if its not me what then?
    Joe:it you talk
    Kama:i do not seem to understand
    tony:like i said,how can a fool understand
    Kama:why then dont you enlighten me
    tony:how?maybe you need much more than enlightened.
    tony:come one man you should be wiser than that
    Kama:let me tell you guys some thing the constitution is very important,it will change the systems we have give us a Chance to be hard give as a system that we can trust
    James:what do you mean
    Kama:leave this man he is simply—
    James :no lets just wait and hear him out he might perhaps have some thing he would say
    Kama:you see with this Constitution comes a chance to make a choice—
    James:and how if i may ask will it?if it will change the roads beside you look,how will it change
    Joe guys why are you people talking about apiece of paper which only lawyers can understand when we can talk about women
    Tony and James:yes!
    Kama:well you guys need to smarten up—
    Tony:no you are the one too as you put it smarten up and get you self one of those(pointing at a bottle)it might help you to smarten up
    Kama:i see.(he leaves and the rest laugh)


  4. Nyawira
    July 9, 2010

    “There is the tree stump that left me with the largest scar in my body. The scar that i always tell you took me two months to heal”
    I had gone to visit my eldest brother. I arrived in the evening and found him and his friends seated near his house. i had to come this time so that I could get him home. He was always at his charcoal stall in the market during the day.
    When he saw me, he was very happy and after the warm brotherly hug,he reminded his friends who I was. I didnot know all of them even though they claimed to have known me when I was a toddler before they went different ways.
    Then, my brother stepped back and gave me a long stare. he shook his head.
    “Sorry brother I had what happened. i am so sorry and please do not let that incidence make you hate girls.”
    I loved my big brother,he always took care of me and had already known what happened when I went to visit my to-be wife’s home. They had chased me. I was so embarrassed and hurt. they said i was too poor to marry their daughter. I had neither slept well nor eaten properly for days.
    It was so painful. the love of my life whom i had known and loved for three years!
    “You see bro,look here! My brother continued, “When i came of age and went to my wife’s home to see her parents,her father chased me away,abusing me. I ran for my life but unfortunately tripped over a stone.You know what happened next” i looked to where he was pointing and looked back at him.


  5. Sheblossoms
    July 10, 2010

    Liz, today, two men were killed in Kayole because of the over-glamorised Onyancha. But I like your comment 🙂

    My first thought was very similar to yours, minus the Onyancha. Mine happened at the border of Imara Daima and Mukuru Kwa Njenga. There was a murder, too. No Vampires, though.

    Weird, we see a picture of a bunch of people with a mud house behind them, we don’t think they might be talking about poverty. First thought is crime.


  6. Liz
    July 12, 2010


    Yes, I saw in the news, these people in kayole now even think all Kisiis are a threat, and yes, Onyancha has been over-glamorised sad, unfortunately now for some to be Onyancha is somewhat heroic, is sad, hopefully I did not add my voice in the ‘long-live Onyancha’ kinda thing. as about discussing crime rather than their poor state of being has to do with ‘nothing gives even if we discuss our poverty!!’ and again,discussing something thathas happened to other people, just like getting involved in gossip, somehow lifts the burden off your shoulders coz at that point you realize other situations are worse off than yours.

    I like how imaginative guys can be!!


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