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Kenyan Conversations 3

Photo by Jerry Riley. Visit to see more pictures of Kenya

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4 comments on “Kenyan Conversations 3

  1. Alen Wekesa
    July 14, 2010

    Aerial 1: Sasa wasee? Am good, lakini am wondering why all of a sudden our numbers in my hood have shoot up recently. Kwani niaje?
    Newest Aerial: sasa are you complaining or karibisharing us to the hood?
    Aerial 1: Kwani who said i was complaining? Roof country is a free democracy, whether your illegal or otherwise!
    Aerial 2: Kwanza you newest aerial mnona unababaika na boss wako is transmitting signals to foreigners on the Indian Ocean? Communications Commission wanajua wee msee ni illegal?
    Oldest Aerial: Sasa nyii wasee acheni fujo. Ive been doing AM frequency for a looong time and am not complaining! Only juzi i transmitted some porn and boy was i glad, so ridhika na what you have ok?
    Aerial 4: Kwanza wee mwambie boss wako abadilishe hiyo black and white TV yake. You think i dont know??? Why do you think even this pic is black and white???
    All Aerials: Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa…. zzzzz. zaaaap…. lolest


  2. Eddy Ngeta
    July 14, 2010

    The picture is despondent, perhaps a bit defiantly hopeful…It is funny that even as we try to phase out the outmoded TV aerial and embrace digital broadcasting, these obnoxious antennae rise up to a crisp cool morning to embrace a brave new dawn…I am thinking, if The Past and The Future were to have a conversation, what would they say to each other? not all Change is good change, and when it attempts to relegate us to the back burner and render us irrelevant, we must do all we can to change the change…then again we are only branded reactionary and rigid…The aerial is fighting a good fight…long live the TV aerial!


  3. Toshi
    July 14, 2010

    Society’s cut-throat in this side of the world; you have to struggle to be above the rest, to get what you want, which is more or less the same for all of us; a breath of fresh air.
    I like that each antenna is unique (for each unique individual?).


  4. kyt
    July 14, 2010

    is it somewhere in the muthaiga view estate(read mathare) or what?


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