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Kenyan Conversations 4

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4 comments on “Kenyan Conversations 4

  1. Suzern chege
    July 15, 2010

    That’s all we do, sit back and watch while everything happens around us, then we claim it doesn’t concern us.


  2. Suzern chege
    July 15, 2010

    Yeah, that’s all we do, sit back and watch as things happen around us and claim that they dont concern us. Unfortunately, they end up affecting us negatively.


  3. Liz
    July 15, 2010


    Thoughts going on in this man’s mind.

    “I sit here, in this public arena, watching television, like this is all there is to do in this life. See, I have been on this seat since 2 p.m. Now it’s past 7 p.m.

    Is it because I have nothing better to do? Far from it. This television has become my escape from reality. Yes, I can watch it at home but with all the noise from Mama Watoto about how a useless lay-about I am. I can’t stand that. A man’s dignity has to be respected.

    It has been tough since the lay off from the flower company. I know I try hard to feed my wife and our 2 month old baby. However, walking all the way to the Industrial Area from Kibera daily is not easy for the faint hearted. Like today, I couldn’t. My strength has started to fail me. Maybe we should relocate to our rural home. No job seems forthcoming.

    This television they have here outside the entrance to Nyayo Stadium has really helped. My feet could not support me to Industrial area so I have been sitted here.“Wacha nifurahishe macho. I wonder where I will get a few coins to buy some food. I hope Mama Watoto can borrow some from the kiosk near our shanty. The debt keeps piling by the day, how will I pay?

    Now, now, now, I am drifting. How can I escape reality if it’s all I keep replaying in my mind? Let me watch the news. It is so depressing lately, but maybe I will see someone else in a worse situation than mine. Like these Members of Parliament who can’t get the money they are asking for! Seems in this life we are all searching for something.

    Can’t I concentrate on the TV for a minute! Damn these thoughts. Oh, the troubles of the world…


  4. Clare
    July 15, 2010

    I should be in class. I should be out there trying to grab the world by the balls. Try to better myself than these conniving leeches who thrive on the sweat of their citizens, but I am still seated here, watching the leeches . . . waiting for them to come and get me.

    I am comfortable with being at the bottom of the food chain, because try as I might, the leech is better than me. It has better strategies than I; always two or more steps ahead of me. They stand at the pulpit and promise the same things . . . or even less than before because we are already used to the same old shit. This is where it gets interesting . . . we still fall for it!!! We complain and riot over issues, then go ahead and pick from the same pool, as though it should make a difference!! We act like a cat who has just thrown up; we search through the scum and get the same content down our throats.

    What is the point in trying to change the system? I cannot beat them, so I may as well join them. Maybe I will get a better view from the inside . . . but that theory is also far fetched. They all promised not to ape the others, but there’s no difference between them. I should be strategizing how to be one of them; how to preach water and take wine . . . how to talk the walk, rid my soul off my conscience. By the time I get there, I should blend right in.

    So I will sit here, and learn from my teacher. My lecturer can wait for once. It’s all about the money and I am learning from my predecessor, learning how to be part of the scum.


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