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Kenyan Conversation 6

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2 comments on “Kenyan Conversation 6

  1. Liz
    July 22, 2010

    Mtaani Kunaendaje??

    A: Eh, atleast the English Premier League is about to start. I hate the desert of sports, when all we have to discuss is our wives…

    B: And our women too!!

    C: Eh, Aki I can’t stop thinking of that Asamoah Gyan miss, man! I wish it was me…

    A: Wacha wewe! Hata mtoto akiwa goal post bado utapiga nje! …

    Jerry: Naona unaanza matusi eh!

    Baba Sammy: Easy, relax, by the way, I hear Mama Watoto threatened you again, hihihihi, ata wewe umezoea vibaya, kuchapwa na wanawake!!

    Jerry: Zip your mouth! Zip it before nikuonyeshe what I am made of. Mi nichapwe eeeh!!
    Anyway Baba Sammy, I wonder if you sell nini here in your shop?

    Baba Sammy: Stop talking in parables, nini ni nini?

    Jerry: Aaaaih, Baba Sammy, do I have to spell these things out, kwani hujui?

    A: Wee Jerry, si useme ile unataka?? Nini ni nini? And you should know some things you cannot find in a hardware shop!!

    B: Sasa mnaongea juu ya nini? Reason the EPL should be back real soon!! Patia Jerry nini zenye anataka….


  2. Claudette
    July 24, 2010

    Tourist: Hello? Is this Kenya? I want to go to Africa.
    Agent: Yes, this is Kenya.
    Tourist: Is that like a town in Africa?
    Agent: No, it’s the capital city of Africa. You should visit us. We have the Maasai.
    Tourist: Those African Aborigines? I once did a paper on them. Did you know that Scotland donates ten thousand tonnes of checked red cloth to the Maasai each year?
    Agent: Yes. The ships that carry it here cross the sea. That’s how the red sea got its name.
    Tourist: Tell me, what else do you have in the capital of Africa?
    Agent: Have you watched Lion King? The main character was born here. We have museums dedicated to him.
    Tourist: How cultural. You know what else I like? I like extreme sport.
    Agent: Oh, we have plenty of extreme sport in Kenya. There is something called slum tourism. The tour company will take you to Kibera. Barack Obama was born there. That is why his story is so touching.
    Tourist: Hmm… Kibera, Maasai, I love Kenya already. Is there a picture of the amenities available… maybe hospitals, malls or something?
    Agent: I’m emailing a link right now. Click on it, and you will see a picture of a mall. There are plenty of malls in Kenya. In fact, Wal-Mart has a couple of branches here…
    Tourist: (Pauses to download the image) Wow. You have satellite in Africa?
    Agent: That is part of Barack Obama’s foreign direct investment to Africa. You know, the AGOA…
    Tourist: Yeah, I once did a paper on that too. AGOA stands for Africans Go to America. It helps Barack Obama’s family to relocate… you read of the aunt that refused to go back?
    Agent: Yes. The mall in the picture belongs to her.
    Tourist: (Pauses again, seemingly studying the picture.) Shall I visit that mall?
    Agent: Yes, it’s part of the package. They sell new and used wheelbarrows, mattresses, kitchen sinks… It really is like walmart!
    Tourist: Amazing! Are the people on sale too? I once did a paper on slavery. It’s supposed to be really rare… but that’s what the AGOA Act does, right? Africans Go to America! I’d like to go to that mall in Africa, talk to those people on sale in the mall. Maybe I will carry them a few Big Macs… they look like they could use a good meal.
    Agent: So is that a yes?
    Tourist: Definitely.
    Agent: Right, I’ll email you the contract for your perusal. Enjoy your stay.


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