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Parenting a Child with a Learning Disorder

Ruth Gasson invites you to discussion about parenting a child with a learning disability or learning disorder at the SHFK 2010

Sunday 3rd October 11:30am to 1:30pm

As a parent, discovering that something may stand in the way of your child’s success can be unsettling and difficult. Whether or not your child has a learning disability, remember that the way you behave and what you do has the most impact on your child’s chances of success. Everyone faces obstacles and the most important thing you can show your child, apart from your consistent love and support, is how to deal with obstacles. A good attitude won’t solve the problem, but it can give your child hope and confidence that things can improve.

What helps most is having the right information. For instance, did you know that a learning disability, or learning disorder, is not a problem with intelligence? Learning disorders are caused by a difference in the brain that affects how information is received, processed, or communicated. Children and adults with learning disabilities have trouble processing sensory information because they see, hear, and understand things differently.  A child with a learning disability cannot try harder, pay closer attention, or improve motivation on their own; they need help to learn how to do those things.

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