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Oluoch Madiang’ – SHFK Guest Profile

Storyteller, actor, director, playwright, writer, poet, yaani truth-quaker!

Sunday 3rd October 11:30am-1:30pm Oluoch Madiang is a judge in the finals of the colleges storytelling competition. Come watch and listen to six finalists tell seven minute stories. Stakes are high – the winner wins an all expenses paid trip to the USA, courtesy of the U.S. Embassy.


Sunday 3rd October 4pm-6pm Spectacular storytelling session as Oluoch Madiang, Mshai Mwangola and Joshua Muraya of Kenya quake the tent along with UK storytellers Cat Weatherhill and Katrice Horsely. Will also star the newly crowned winner of the colleges storytelling competition!


About Madiang


Oluoch-Madiang’ (Wuod Nyar G’Otumba Oluoch Madiang’ ,Tat Yien Mating’o Tek…to be exact) is a creative artist and an accomplished teller of truths! Besides being an actor, director and playwright, Madiang’ is a writer of short stories, with Storymoja having published his captivating children’s book ‘In the Land of the Kitchen’. His adults short story, ‘Once Upon Naivasha’ and play, ‘Then We Were Fools No More’ are coming soon.

Madiang’ began performing about three decades ago and has continued to do so in various capacities. He is a constant resource person and facilitator for Kenya’s Ministry of Education as a mentor and trainer of teacher-directors especially during the Kenya Schools and Colleges Drama Festivals. Madiang’ is an experienced adjudicator and in 2010 was one of the main adjudicators during the National Drama Festivals held in Kisumu. Madiang’ has trained many Kenya storytellers and by 1997, had been a National Storytelling Champion three times in a row!


Working in the field of community theatre, Madiang’ was a co-founder of the popular Magnet Theatre, an intervention for reproductive health which he has propagated in numerous countries. As a performer/storyteller and trainer, Madiang’ has built the capacity of performance artists in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, DRC, Djibouti, Eritrea, India, South Sudan, South Africa and India.


Born quite a few years ago, bred in the story-saturated ghettos of Nakuru and educated at St Joseph’s Seminary, Egerton and Nairobi Universities, Madiang’ currently spends most of his time writing poetry and narratives, telling tales of truth, training and advising on Health Communication as a Prevention Advisor at PATH (Program for Appropriate Technology in Health). The last time Madiang’ told a tale of truth at the 2010 Sigana International Storytelling Festival (SISF), a truthquake shook the audience and fellow storytellers. He hopes the same quake breaks the leg of performers at the 2010 Storymoja Hay festival.


Tinda…may my livestock eat the richest and most succulent of hay while yours wallow in thirst, hunger and disease!


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