Celebrating East African Writing!

Storymoja Hay Festival Shortlist!


The judges from this first round, Dr. Melissa Girard and Dr. Christina Walter, have selected your poems for the Storymoja Hay Poetry Shortlist. The shortlist follows my signature.

Your poems have been advanced to Kenyan judges who will select the top three poems. The judges have received blind submissions. They do not know your identities, so the contest will strive to remain fair.

Thank you for submitting your work.

And the best of good wishes!


Keguro Macharia
Poetry Coordinator

“Letter from Kamiti”

“A Shift in Consciousness”

“I Remember”

“Government Buys Pastoralist Cows”

“The Leso Inside My Head”

“2 a.m. Souvenir”

“Ballad to Njoki and the Night”

“But Nyako . . .”

“Noises: A Story of the Kenyan Suburbs”

“La Mkuu”

“My Four Wishes for Kenya”

“Listen Up”

“Sukuma Wiki (Or Ode to the Laborer)

“Instances and Eras”

“Road No Road”



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