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Facebook hook-ups and the new rules of morality

Friday Ist October 2-3:30pm – Tandaa ICT Board Marquee:  “Facebook hook-ups.  Is technology reshaping our social fabric?”


“Facebook hook-ups and the new rules of morality. Infidelity at the speed of light: is technology is reshaping our social fabric or tearing it apart? When is cheating cheating? When is e-flirting, poking, friending and unfriending unhealthy?”
Join James Murua of, and the recently crowned King and Queen of Facebook (Kenya) Steve Musyoka and Jacqueline Shiro Waruinge in this lively debate about how technology is influencing our society.


Stephen Musyoka is a techie and a writer who writes on social issues and currently contributes to Passion magazine. He was recently voted King of Facebook in a competition sponsored by Safaricom where his “status” garnered 24,000 comments in only 5 hours!


Jacqueline Shiro Waruinge is a freelance writer based in Nairobi who has had her work featured in the Kenya News Agency (KNA). She is passionate about women’s issues which hold a special place in her heart. She was voted Queen of Facebook in the competition hosted by Safaricom.


James Murua is a Nairobi based writer who writes “Nairobi living” a popular column with The Star newspaper that was voted as most popular column by Star readers for 2009. He also has a column with The Management journal. He always manages a highly regarded website


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  1. betty gathoni
    September 24, 2010

    i am voting for the story”if who you are is what you have…by Naomi Kamau……its such a Cultivating one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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