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The Winners! – Storymoja Hay Festival Poetry Competition

Thank you very much for participating in the Storymoja Hay Festival Competition. The judges and I were privileged to read your work.


The poetry was judged by Dr. Melissa Girard, Dr. Christina Walter, Dr. Kathy-Ann Tan, Stephen Partington, and Phyllis Muthoni. Please join me in thanking these judges for their hard (unpaid!) work.


The winning entries are:


First place: Nkirote, “2 a.m. Souvenir”

Second Place: Michael Kwambo, “Letter from Kamiti”


Third Place: Karanja Kebuchi, “Four Wishes for Kenya”


Please join me in congratulating the winners!


We hope to make this competition an annual event and we welcome your suggestions on how it can be a better experience.


Keguro Macharia
Poetry Coordinator.


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