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Attention Kids! Matatu from Watamu themed party!

Join Storyhippo at a daily ‘Matatu from Watamu Drove into the Sea’ themed party

Friday 1st, Saturday 2nd, Sunday 3rd October at 4-6pm

Kids help create the set and costumes for an undersea party inspired by the stage musical and book by Muthoni Muchemi about a matatu driver who thought he’d spied an opportunity to ‘beba beba’ all the fish swimming in the ocean for free. Stealing turtle eggs, crashing into coral, driving over poor sea urchins, netting fishy babies…ayayaya! What a marine calamity he turned out to be!

It's going to be lotsa lotsa fun! Be there!

Join in the sing-a-longs, fishy beauty talent, dancing competition, marine awareness quizzes and enjoy skits from the play.

For More Details About the SHFK 2010 visit the Storymoja Werbsite or write



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