Celebrating East African Writing!

Kids, publish your own book in two hours! Storymoja working in partnership with Kuona Trust

Saturday 2nd October 11:30am to 1:30pm

Can you come up with a story fast enough, work creatively enough and hard enough to finish a book you can be proud of in just two hours? Sure you can! Work with writers and illustrators to come up with an idea for a story, write and illustrate it, and print it out in two hours. Yes, from concept to creation to finished book in two hours. The most creatively empowering session at the festival. Early booking is necessary.

Various writers associated with Storymoja will help the children generate ideas and structure their stories – including Sitawa Namwalie, Muthoni Garland, Edwin Nyakundi and Aleya Kassam. Talented artists like Anna Awino, Reeves Kibet, Dayan Masinde and other artists associated with Kuona Trust will help the children illustrate and bring their stories to life.

See some of Dayan Masinde’s brilliant art work in the show below. Your very own storybook could look like that!

For More Details About the SHFK 2010 visit the Storymoja Werbsite or write



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