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Celebrities Set to Give Song Writing Workshop at Storymoja Hay Festival, Oct 3rd 2010

Sunday Oct 3rd 2010 – 11A.M. to 1:30 P.M at the Film/Stage/Exhibitions Area

This Sunday will be a unique opportunity to meet and ‘workshop’ with Kenya’s finest musicians and writers.


This year  Ennovator (Timothy Rimbui), and Chris Adwar  will join David Ohingo in an exciting and informative discussion about song writing.  Sauti Sol member  Bienamie Baraza and Ken Wakia and will bring their originality to the mix.  And Adhiambo Odera, Cultural commentator and critic, will be adding her own special spice to the event.


Last year the workshop was attended by the very renowned and talented musicians: Eric Wainana, Victor Seii and Suzzanne Gachukia and it was written down as an avid success.


As usual the songwriting workshop will be moderated by our very own talented musician – David Ohingo. Having moderated several songwriting workshops for up-coming and aspiring and successful artistes in the past, David boasts having written and won various music awards himself. Being an avid successful writer and musician this year he hopes to pour into the lives of others via this forum. Some of his past achievements include conducting the songwriting workshops for the Safaricom Star Search Finalists, the Sarakasi Trust Song Writing workshop- 2010, and lyric writing and song structure on the Tusker Project Fame Program.


He has written hits for himself such as “Sina Maneno”, “No Limit to Love” with Nikki and songs for other artistes such as “Kondo Gakwa” for Zanaziki, and assisted many others in writing their own compositions.

Eric Wainana among other celebrities teaching the workshop


He also written music for the children’s musical – “The Matatu from Watamu, The Drove Into The Sea”, which was an avid success .The public looks forward to more musicals such as these in the future which are a delight but few and far between in our industry.


This year the workshop’s focus will be centered on a lively discussion about the lack of melody in music and how to improve it. This is certainly a discussion young up and coming artistes and music veterans should not want to miss. It will provide an avenue to learn and brush shoulders from the very best in the music industry.


The Workshop is set to run from 11:30 am to 2pm this Sunday Day pass to all festival activities is 500/- .


See you there!!! For any inquiries please email:  David or Kelvin  020 210 210 1624 , 0722338819, 0722790780,


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