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Spark Africa presents Slam Africa – Storymoja Hay Festival


7pm-10pm on Saturday 2nd October: Spark Africa presents Slam Africa – An evening with the spoken word poets of Kenya at the Storymoja Hay Festival

Slam Africa is a community driven Spoken Word and Slam Poetry Platform working to empower youth throughout the African continent. It was created as a platform for young African Spoken Word Poets to explore their talents and skills through a fresh and new way of poetic expression. It is aimed at making poetry cool again.
In a time when many young people are receiving conflicting messages from popular culture, here is an opportunity to put positivity back into youth activity. While regular poetry maybe not be everyone’s cup of tea, Slam Poetry is fresh vibrant and full of energy that will entertain, spark thought and reason.
Slam Africa provides a professional platform for Spoken Word Poets in Africa and make the art form an integral part of the urban social scene. Slam Africa exists to provide a new and refreshing opportunity for young artists to express themselves in a way that educates, entertains and makes the youth think. In a world that only pushes for contradicting messages to young people, Slam Africa is about positive living and being different in thought.
Slam Africa encourages community activism and is all about promoting using our physical, spiritual and mental ability to help ourselves, our neighbours and our community.

The Poets who will perform are Kennet B, Anne Moraa, Pepe Haze, Caroline Njenga, Kuni Mbichi, Wangari, Kevin Man-Njoroge, Karen Ndiko, Isaac M-Ricks, Nuru Bahati.

Tickets are 300/ (three hundred only) at the door.



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