Celebrating East African Writing!

Guest Sensei & Humour-in-an-Envelope Contest Voting

1. Application by Festus Ngangi
2. Lovelistically by Lorot Salem
3. Papoose Correspondence by Linda Musita
4. Pizza Challenge by Francis Muruli

These stories have been entered into the Humour-in-an-Envelope December 2010 Contest. To vote for them, please fill in your comments in the comments section and indicate a number between 1 and 10, with 1 being weak and 10 being excellent. The points will be tallied on Sunday 19th December 2010 after 4pm, and the winner announced on Monday 20th December 2010. The first winner gets KES 1000 in airtime, second winner KES 500 in airtime, and the third winner gets KES 200 in airtime.

Have a wonderful week!

December 14, 2010