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Find Love this Valentine’s – Help from Dr. Chris Hart

Dear single friends and friends of single friends who love and want to help their single friends,
Stop the ‘wooiees’ and ‘woe is me’ and the secret envy! Stop kissing frogs that refuse to become princes. Stop cuddling pillows. It’s time to act, time to equip yourself wih superior knowledge. Invest Ksh 500 and three hours of your time to find out the secrets to finding and nailing the right one for you. But only do that if you:
– Find the dating game fun but ultimately frustrating (or so frustrating that its no longer fun at all!)

– Really want to participate in a frank and fearless Hart to heart talk about winning strategies to nail a life partner

– Want to find out how to test, strengthen and deepen your relationship and take it to the next level

– Like to find out secrets about the opposite sex well before you need to nail one

– Prayers are not enough
The famous Dr Hart, psychologist and author (see poster below) and lay pastor will answer your questions, offer suggestions, analyse and explain everything you need to know. Come to the Museum at 6:15 pm with questions and an open mind. Muthoni Garland will moderate the session and ask some tough and tricky questions on your behalf too….
P.S Nothing wrong with being single at all, unless you really want to change that status…kusema ukweli…knowledge is power!
Nairobi National Museum, Louis Leakey Auditorium Ksh 500, Students Ksh 200To book tickets:  0724 255299 or 2339158 (booking very much advised)


One comment on “Find Love this Valentine’s – Help from Dr. Chris Hart

  1. Mama Rafo
    February 2, 2011

    Daktari, please rephrase it – “Frogs that obstinately refuse to become Princess”
    Kenya’s current generation is made up of single parenthood etc etc.
    Then I’ll attend.


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