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Putting together a Dream Team to run the Storymoja Publish Your Own Book Project

To all people who enjoy stories, working with children and having fun!


Storymoja is putting together a dream team for our “Publish Your Own Book in Two Hours Project” (PYOBITHP Phew!!)


What is “Publish Your Own Book” (PYOB)?

Working with groups of children from 10-15yrs old, our team  will guide the children to write their own books, which will then be published in-house in just 2 hours, so that each child leaves with their own personalised books! The story is started out as one big group,  and is illustrated by the artists as the story is being crafted. The children then write their own endings, and the books are bound together and published at the back of the house.


What you can expect

A fun, creative and energetic working team, where a sense of humour is essential. The sessions are an intense two hours, but are hugely rewarding, and working with children to craft stories is too much fun! Expect zany characters and mad situations. There will be times when you will need to be patient, and times when you will need to work that tushy as fast as you can to meet the 2 hour deadline. Expect to have warm and fuzzy feelings in your stomach as you watch 30 kids leave the session, proudly strutting with their own books in hand, feeling all empowered!


Sessions are two hours long, but you will be expected to arrive half an hour early to set up, and stay after to wind up. Sessions will largely be carried out in the different schools where they are booked, and there will not be a set schedule. Flexibility and commitment are both equally important, reliability trumps them all. PYOB will not be a full time job, but we may get up to  a few days worth of sessions booked in a month.


What are we looking for

We need fun, enthusiastic and hard working people with the following qualities;

–          Writing talent –to help the children develop their stories, edit and guide

–          Artistic talent –illustrate the stories using charcoal/pen/marker, each 2 hr session will need two illustrations that should be fun and appeal to the children

–          Fast and industrious Publishers – quick with your hands, you will be putting the books together, and ensuring that everything is in the correct order and bound within the 2 hour period!


Above all a good attitude, energy, enthusiasm for working with children and reliability are the deal makers!


You interested or know somebody would be?????


To find out more, and let us know you are interested, come with your A-game to Storymoja Offices, Njamba House, Shanzu Road, Off Lower Kabete Road on Friday 11th February at 3:30pm.


Aleya Jamel

Chief Storymongerer

0723 422 043




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