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Ensign Sonnet – Red, Black, White & Green

Written By Stephen D. Partington

Imagine that this sonnet is a flag,

A pole along its straight left edge, the wind

Creating chaos through its fabric, wind

From countless ethnic homelands.  Never flat,

And never calm like Peace, the flag is torn.

These rips become the fences marking plots,

The rows of fences that divide our land.

Our green is scored and shredded: on one hand

Whole Highlands for the rich, while others squat.

Is such partition Unity and Peace?

So this is what we we’ve stooped to: steeped in blood,

We fight between ourselves, and fail to see

Our enemy is inequality:

It’s wealth, not tribe, that threatens brotherhood.



3 comments on “Ensign Sonnet – Red, Black, White & Green

  1. mesopirr
    March 3, 2011

    never calm like peace, the flag is torn… even with the imposing shield emblazoned on the flag, the symbol of our nationhood, we fail to defend. the halves and the halve-nots persist in their famed conflict. The poem captures alot about our turbulent life.


  2. Simon Njoroge
    March 4, 2011

    Our problem is not politics
    But poor distribution of resources
    That suppresses our economics
    Our problem was never tribe
    But the politocal demagogues
    To whom we ascribe!


  3. Brian
    March 5, 2011

    Well captured. The heroes of independence must be turning in their graves as they watch brother and brother and sister and sister and father and son and mother and daughter tear each other apart, driven by the unseen force – greed. I agree with the writer. The present-day nation could not be captured in more revealing style. Good caption.


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