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Guinness World Record Attempt Postponement – But The Revolution Continues!

You may have heard whispers of a Reading Revolution underway; a movement to get Kenyans reading, to fall in love with stories and books, to nurture a thinking culture in our children where knowledge and creativity are valued.

To highlight the importance of reading, on June 16th 2011, we hoped to gather 25,000 Kenyans at Nyayo Stadium to break a Guinness World Record for ‘most people reading aloud simultaneously in one location,’ a record recently set by Turkey at 22,000 people.

Working closely with schools and the Ministry of education, we rallied children to be a part of this exciting occasion; the first time in history such an attempt has been made in Africa. Unfortunately, we have been unable to raise sufficient funding to facilitate the transportation for all of these 25,000 children to Nyayo Stadium in time for June 16th 2011.

We wanted to make sure no child misses out on the opportunity to break a World Record, so we have decided to postpone the attempt as we continue to fundraise. Stay tuned for the announcement of the new date. 

We continue with our mission of promoting the reading culture in Kenya – after all the Guinness World Record is still Kenya’s to beat, and God willing, beat it we shall! However, the World Record Attempt is just one stop on the path of the Reading Revolution.

From July 1st to September 15th, you can take part in a Nationwide reading marathon and take the challenge of consciously making reading a part of your life for those 10 weeks; who knows, along the way, you may just fall madly, unabashedly, head over heels in love with reading. As you embark on this reading journey, stop by for intimate guest posts of ‘Why I read,’ as well as book reviews and book lists. Feel free to contribute your own articles and reviews and share the joy of reading.

It is truly remarkable the relationship that has been discovered between reading for pleasure and the future success of a child. Studies have found that reading for pleasure is even more important for a child’s future than their socio-economic background; in a country like ours with such economic disparity, the love of reading could be the most valuable gift we give our children. As Michelle Obama recently said, one of President Obama’s greatest strengths is that he is a voracious reader, so in her words, ‘Read, read, read and read.’

There are many many, many, many people who have shown great support to the Reading Revolution, and commitment to promoting the reading culture in Kenya. To all of you, Asante, and the (r)evolution

After all…..a revolution does not consist of one person or one organisation, it is a movement whose strength of force lies in the passion of the people behind it.

Get reading!


One comment on “Guinness World Record Attempt Postponement – But The Revolution Continues!

  1. Brian
    June 9, 2011

    I couldn’t agree more. There has been a drastic decline in information, not because it is not offered, but because those who go for it are few. While we make great strides in converting as much information into audio or even visual modes, nothing will ever replace the good old habit of taking a book and creating time to read it. I sometimes think the reason why we have promos in the newspapers is to try and get people to read. I once saw a chap buy four different newspapers, and – you guessed right – went and sat down with a pair of scissors. At the end of ten minutes, he had two cuttings of promos from the paper. He then threw the papers away. Someone – a friend of his – who had not seen what he had done, came into the hotel where this man was sitting. He asked him a question from the headline. My friend said he didn’t know. I couldn’t help feeling surprised. So people are going for the money, after all! And that may be why our writing is becoming poorer by the day!
    We need to own up; we are deficient of information. Let us get back to the book. It will give us some values that flew away with the advent of electronic communication. We simply cannot do without it. There is a level of greatness we can’t achieve without the book. To echo Michelle’s words, “read, read, read and read on!”


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