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Kenyans set National Reading Record

Tomorrow, 16th June, over 80,000 students around the country will set a national record for “Most people reading out loud from the same text in different locations.”

Storymoja is working in conjunction with the over 100 schools in the British Council’s Connecting Classrooms Program to get young Kenyans reading! Participating schools will be holding a special assembly from 9.00 am to read the story Lydia’s gift; a beautiful piece about a boy and his love for reading. It was co-written by two street children and helps highlight the theme of the Day of the African Child.

You can be part of this revolution! All you have to do is check out the story here read it out loud at 9.00 am tomorrow wherever you are. Let us know that you did this by tweeting us (@readkenya) or posting on our facebook page. We would love to get pictures and videos of you reading as well.



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