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Creating New Form – Monthly Blog Expo

Writers have always tried to find newer, better forms of writing to express their creativity, their state of mind, the imperfect cycle of life, love,  birth, death, and all the philosophies, emotions and creations in between. With the birth of the internet, the emergence of a new and global stage to instantly exhibit the written, sometimes even the spoken word has emerged.


When I started blogging only 7 years ago, this new form of writing and publishing was new, almost special. And like with any new form of writing, there were sceptics, still are. Someone once sat me down to extol the benefits of editorial censorship and so on. To be honest, he was right in some ways, but he was also wrong in the belief that the stifling of creativity could likely breed excellence.

The rules of blogging are still evolving, the parameters still not set, the ethos messy. Perhaps this is what excites writers about blogging, the freedom, the wide open space to play on, without fear of physical laws, politics and the like that have stifled the publishing and journalism worlds since inception.

Now, there could be something to be said about the negative effects of uncensored blogging, but today, all I wish to celebrate like we have every month on the Storymoja Writers’ Community, is the diversity of writing and the creativity of forming that can be found on the Kenyan blogosphere.

Now some of the blog posts I found are fiction, some are opinion editorial, some are more personal writing. Some of the posts were nominated by readers, others I just stumbled upon and loved.  I encourage you to read them all, comment on the posts and then come back and tell us what you think of blogging. You can also send a nomination to us at Make sure you mark in the subject line: Blog Nomination. If you don’t your message is likely to be filtered in to spam.

Top on today’s list is a post from the blog Call Me Alien. The Author of the blog is writer, poet, educator and IT techie Serah Njambi.

Show me the Man: Show me the man. Show him to me; let him make his face and name known. I need to slap him, slap sense into his notions, slap and re-order the things his list prioritizes. Show me the man that declared man’s three basic needs; the one responsible for all this exploitation and limited distribution of resources… [from the blog Call Me Alien]

Kitty Cat: A rapid movement in the rose bush close to the pond drew Tanya’s attention away from the birds. She watched the bush as the leaves rustled and a couple of loose pink petals fell off the flowers and onto the grass. Then, from in-between the branches, a most adorable little tawny kitten poked its face out. [from the blog Memories Unearthed]

Present State of Life: I have Richard Stoltzman’s ‘Maid With Flaxen Hair’ on heavy rotation. I don’t know much about the guy, I found his music in Dexter’s sample music while looking for something soothing to match up with this beautiful Sunday. Lately I’ve been having a complicated relationship with music… [from the blog Pages of my Journal]

The Fighting: Today is one of those days where I keep spotting or stumbling across things that remind me of what is wrong with my world. It doesn’t help that I am hormonal so all these sightings make me tear up and I have to open my eyes really wide so that I do not drop any tears. [from the blog Really Clueless]

Commitment Phobia: I’ve always complained of how I don’t have a girlfriend and to realise that I’ve been sub-conscientiously sabotaging my own chances makes me laugh. Anyway so I did some research into it (Google/Wikipedia of course). The description I’ve written below is interspersed with commentary from me… [from the blog Personal Thoughts of a Young Kenyan]

Merchants of Death: I had a bad feeling something bad had happened. The feeling had persisted during the day. He didn’t pick buy he called me back shortly … I was thinking please don’t be Sam or Albert, my bros. Or mum. It turned out to be my grandfather, on my mother’s side. [from the blog Savvy Kenya]

The Search: Children rushed out screaming at the top of their voices, some adults rushed into the arms of their loved ones jumping up and down in joy and others, upon landing knelt to kiss the ground, but not Tola. Tola waited for the hullabaloo to cool before silently alighting and going her way with her baby strapped… [from the blog Bee Illustrated]

Kenyan Matatu Rides: When my Mercedes driving boss asks me how I get to work, I tell him I take a 30 and then a 46 and he asks what’s that? Only that I can’t laugh aloud so I kindly explain that matatus come in numbers depending on the routes they operate and then he goes ahead and asks me “so you take two matatus?” [from the blog Judy Nyokabi]

Happy reading and have a wonderfully creative week!


2 comments on “Creating New Form – Monthly Blog Expo

  1. Betty Okere-Ogema
    July 12, 2011

    Hi, I like this. Was just wondering if educative writings can find a place in the blog space. I love nutrition and that is what I write about.


  2. Nyamz
    July 17, 2011

    Interesting read. @Betty, anything can find a place in the blog world so share your nutrition with us!


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