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Announcing the Storymoja Hay Festival Poetry Winners!

The Judges have now made their decisions! And the winners of the Storymoja Hay Festival Poetry Contest titled: This is my Africa are:-
The Flags are Tattered by Pascal Mailu

Old Continent by Clifton Gachagua

For Posterity’s Sake by Cugu Muriuki

Winners will be contacted on how to claim their prises.


One comment on “Announcing the Storymoja Hay Festival Poetry Winners!

  1. Alexa
    September 12, 2011

    Pascal’s poem is very bad and unworthy of any prize. Thin concepts in thinner language.

    Clifton’s is classic and a bit arcane, but okay. Not my personal cup of tea, in spite of the tuberoses. 😛

    Cugu’s is… makes you want to read more of her. There is talent. 🙂


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