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The New Writing Season

As you might have already guessed, the Storymoja Hay Festival closes the door on one season and opens another door to an even more promising 12 months of creative writing, personal writing skill development and hopefully publishing opportunities that will help you reach your wildest dreams as a writer!

Last year saw us focusing on Urban Fiction because we saw it as a form of narration that both provokes thought on current issues but is also relevant enough for us to enjoy and appreciate. We will still want to see more of these this coming year, but we would be very interested to see the development of romance stories against the backdrop of the Kenyan landscape both geographical and cultural.

Now when I say romance stories, I don’t necesarily mean the Mills & Boon type of romance stories, but hey, if that’s your cup of tea and you can present it in such a way that we will have no choice but to enjoy it, then go for it! Are you up for the challenge?

The rules of participation on the Storymoja Writers’ Community have not changed!

1. Always double edit your work before you send it to us.

2. Use 12 Point, Times New Roman Font, with 1.5 spacing to make it easier for the editors to review your work.

3. Always title your pieces, and make sure your story has author name, even if it is a pen name!

4. Keep to the word count. Minimum 1200 words, maximum 1600 words for general submissions, word count for the writing contests will be indicated with the callout.

5. Send in your work in word 97 attachment to

6. Language of your piece should be English. Occasional sheng, swahili and mother language allowed, with translations in bracket.

7. If you have a blog or personal website, please feel free to include hyperlinked blog name at the bottom.

8. If your work has previously been published, please indicate where and when.

9. If you would like us to add images, please send them to us with the article, and ensure that you have the rights to use it.

10. Let your writing rule, with the scepter of creativity, the signet ring of your unique style, the crown of excellence, upon the throne of the African spirit of strength and resilience!

If you would like to submit longer works to the General Print Publishing department, please refer to

And now I am sure you would like to see a monthly schedule to guide you on what to submit. So here goes!Just clink on the blog activity title for a description.



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