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Okay, the heat has been getting to me. Heat? I know, if you are reading from Nairobi, you are thinking, what in the world? It’s been cold and wet and the traffic jams and the KPLC project to turn the country into an early Christmas tree has not been helping things. Now you see it, now you don’t! Huh. Put your lighters up, Kenya.

I am writing from a part of the country that is hot, and humid and the traffic jams and the KPLC project to turn the country into an early Christmas tree has not been helping things much. Now you see it, now you don’t. And while you are at it, how about we let you bake nice and charred?

Anyway, the heat has been getting to me. I missed last week’s Urban on the Blog. Well, actually where we were we had no electricity for 24 hours. By the time it got back, I had lost my chance to remind y’all to send in your urban pieces. And when I logged in to my email and you hadn’t sent in anything, I logged out and went to look for cooler air.

I did come back and turn on my laptop, watched a bunch of movies – who said we can’t watch TV with candlelight? I put in some time into this really big project I am working on as well. Take that, KPLC!

I am going to assume that it is the end of year, and you were busy with the NaNoWriMo or other major projects that have deadlines within the past few or coming up weeks and that KPLC screwed up with your inspiration and determination to write as much as it did with mine.

So… Friends?

Here’s just 3 things I want to remind you about blogging.

  • Just because it’s quick and free doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write as well as you can. Revise and polish your blog posts before you put them up. You never know who might read them.
  • A blog is public. Don’t post anything that ought to be kept personal, that might embarrass someone, or that might be considered libelous.
  • If your goal is simply to write and have people read it, blog freely. Have fun with it. But if you are looking to build a freelance career writing for pay, don’t give away your best writing. Use the blog to offer samples, to toss around ideas, and to bring attention to you and your expertise. Save the good stuff for your articles and books.

No nominations were sent in this time. Again, I am assuming that it is either too hot or too cold, and likely too dark where you are. So what did I find when I went blog mining?

1. Car Woes: Seeing as my two past cars had names (as well as most of my toys) I decided to have a naming contest on Twitter. The idea was to get the most nominations for the hottest female tweep to name my car after. There was little or no interest (Bleh!) so I went with Chebet (such a lovely name, isn’t it? [From Archer]

2. I’m not Afraid… Ok, So Who Am I Kidding?: I’m addicted. I guess a whole lot of the people I interact with are addicts too…and our fix is that lethal S substance. It’s the whole reason we sit through insane inane meetings every week. The reason we roll out of bed on a weekday morning… [From Bugging Out]

3. 7 Reasons to love your JOB like your man: 1. The Search – Looking for a good man is just like searching for a good job. It has to satisfy you, keep you busy, provide for you and make you happy. Fundamentally if you leave either of the two, a good experience should be the ultimate by-product. [From Black Roses]

4. Legalize Me: Puff. *I’m pretty sure this post will give my mother a heart attack, so before it does, is this really about drugs? [From Strength of her Words]

5. Between Your Legs and Your Thighs: The title has nothing to do with this post. The title has everything to do with this post.  Someone said, “Women between twenty to thirty years of age must be married between those years otherwise they will never be women again.” [From Obsessive Ed]

That said, what kind of leverage do we have against KPLC? I am open to ideas; blackmail, revolution, whatever.

Have a great week! I mean, make sure you buy candles.


3 comments on “Put Your Lighters Up – Fabulous on the Blog

  1. Jackson Ingosi
    December 5, 2011

    Hallo story moja,
    Inngosi stars performed together with you for the cut off my toungue show. Remember we have great material to share as we have written a book that we arer kindly requesting you to publish. We are quite sure that you will love as it is written from very great experiences of of life.


  2. Ghafla!Guy
    December 5, 2011

    Snow effect! Nice!….;-)


  3. Storymoja Africa
    December 6, 2011

    Please contact the office directly for this.


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