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I Spy Yellow – Peculiarly Kenyan Short Story Callout

City Council Askaris should walk around with a file containing their job description, the by-laws and a list of the fines to be paid for offences. Civilians should also carry the same file. Why? Because we are all strange people with brains shaped like an octopus. The brains scatter in the same different directions. If we have the files, we will be able to tell X from Y

A motorist is looking for parking space in Nairobi. Inevitably he gets stuck in mini traffic jams here and there. A Kanjo guy sees all these cars making round trips around the CBD looking for space and he decides to come up with an offence from the top of his head. His bad imagination leads him to one car. The driver looks at the Kanjo and the display of alarm on his face encourages the ‘Yellow Thief’. A small argument follows. The driver does not know whether he has broken a rule but he is sure that the Kanjo knows a lot more than he does. The Kanjo knows that the driver has not broken a rule but he is not sure whether the driver knows more than he does.

Four minutes later. The driver in the car behind the Kanjo– Driver car, gets out of his car and with an authoritative voice tells the Kanjo that the driver has not done anything wrong. The first driver and the Kanjo do not know whether what the second motorist is saying is true. Chances are the second motorist is bluffing. But he is a lawyer. His face is on the left hand column of a daily newspaper. That makes him an authority, right? He is by no means a motorist who wants to move and park, not at all. He is a smart lawyer who knows the law and thus the Kanjo runs away, his yellow coat disappearing into an alley. The first motorist drives completely unaware of the empty parking space on his right.

The second driver, the lawyer gets into his car and drives it into the empty space. Ignorant of the fact that he needs a ticket from the Kanjo, he locks his car and walks away. Thirty minutes later, his car is clamped and the Kanjo packs his coat and goes home.

Do you have a hilarious, or perhaps shocking story about things Kenyans do?

Send us your Peculiarly Kenyan Short Story to No less than 600 words, no more than 1,600 words. The contest will feature a celebrity judge. 1st place winner will get a Storymoja book and 1000/- airtime.

2 comments on “I Spy Yellow – Peculiarly Kenyan Short Story Callout

  1. Ghafla!Guy
    January 23, 2012

    Hilarious! Did this actually happen in reality?


  2. propertyandconstructionkenyaNdoloh
    January 30, 2012

    Hahahaha…beautifully written and insanely hilarious


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