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Poetry- Torn

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
and sorry I could not travel both

So starts Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken. Poets take different roads. They ponder over the direction they will take in creating a poem. Coming up with a poem entails a lot of decisions. Which words to use? Are the words relevant? And so on. They can get inspiration from different things, and use them in a creative way to come with the best poem. Consider such a poem, inspired by Robert Frost’s poem:


Caught between a dove
And a pretty flower
My heart is torn asunder
And like Frost –
And his two roads,
I too wrestle with a dilemma…

The bird, shapely and heavenly
I feel blessed already
The flower, fragrant and never wilting-
I am caught up in its beauty
My mind is tied in knots,
Did I ask for too much now?

The moment of reckoning draws nigh…
Like Frost who eventually chose,
And it made all the difference;
I too must pick and forsake the other forever!
I wonder though, time being close at hand –
If courage will desert me, at that decisive hour…

©Kevin Orato

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