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Conspiracy Theory Winning Stories

I am sure you are anxious to know what the decision is on the winning conspiracy theory. The judges chewed quite hard on their pencils but finally came to a decision. Below, you will find the judges comments as well as one chosen comment from the readers on each story.

Well, here it is.

1st Place: If Only Tonight He could Sleep by J. N. Kariuki

Judges’ Comments

“The title is a bit boring but the story is great. A twist to a prominent journalist’s love-money-murder mess and the girl comes back as a ghost and talks to her killer.”

“It’s a conspiracy theory. One point for that. I was a little confused in the beginning but I held on and it started to make sense. A lot of sense. Nearly called the police to tell them who the killer was. The middle and the end were brilliant. Work needed for the introduction.”

“Great interplay between the dead and the living…”

Reader Comment

Simon: I liked the story even though I thought some of the lines seemed cliche. I liked the dialogue also. It seemed real enough with the spirit/ghost having a wicked sense of humor.

J.N. Kariuki wins 2 books – one of his choice from the Storymoja Catalogue and Living Memories by Al Kags, 2 Season Tickets to the Storymoja Hay Festival( 14 – 16 September 2012)

2nd Place: A Plot of Terror by Dalle Abraham

Judges’ Comments

“He knows his way around words. The best thing is that he creates a mystery about the ‘rumours’ before setting out whatever is happening.”

“The writer understood the instructions. He wrote a story based on the Marsabit plane crash. Good story. Good self editing. A few mistakes with the use of prepositions and punctuation(capital letters).”

“Another conspiracy theory. Good writing. A bit of work needed on the grammar.”

Reader Comment

Moraa: You could improve on the descriptions. Get the reader to visualize it, even touch it. Towards the end it came out as though you couldn’t wait to finish. In conclusion, I find your work creative. Its a good way to go. Keep it up! U are headed places.

Dalle Abraham wins a copy of Living Memories by Al Kags, 2 Season Tickets to the Storymoja Hay Festival.

3rd Place: The Risks of Knowledge by Ruth Lucinde

Judges’ Comments

“This writer tried to rework a story about Tasha & Adam, into a conspiracy theory about Robert Ouko. And it showed.”

“A tad too static and it became more about Tasha and Adam than it was about Robert Ouko. The writer rushed through it or maybe it was a longer story that she edited to make it fit the word count.”

“I particularly love the ending, where everything goes on as ‘normal’.”

Reader Comment

Phillis: It’s a conspiracy alright but you make it a dull one! What if you gave the story more details to create the urge to read on and on?

Ruth Lucinde wins 1 Season Ticket to the Storymoja Hay Festival.

For more information about the Storymoja Hay Festival, please visit the festival site.


One comment on “Conspiracy Theory Winning Stories

  1. Phillis
    May 21, 2012

    Thank you judges. I support your decision that N.K story should take the 1st place.

    But, though i never want to question your decision on the same, still i doubt the story on the 2nd position but again i know that you used professionalism in your selection. I think the writer (Dalle Abraham) has details for the story yet a poor way of presenting them to show conspiracy (too confusing). Still I do respect your decision as a committed fan of Storymoja.

    Hey, by the way?..i have a suggestion; why don’t come up with a way of rewarding participants on your blogs. Like you offer free tickets to storymoja hay festival to those who submit a story to encourage more to participate??..its just an idea my people but you can maybe choose to make it real.

    God bless you for choosing to work with us all in promoting literature.

    Thank you!!


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