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Princess Adhis and the Naija Coca Broda: A Review


Written by Tony Mochama (Smitta), this tale takes the reader through the worlds of crime, drugs and sex in different but oddly connected cities, from Nairobi to Lagos to Malindi, to Peshawar to Abuja.

Princess Adhis is the wife of Ochineku, the Nigerian drug lord but she is having an affair with Meyya Mutola- Mayor of Nairobi.  As the wife of the drug lord, she handles some businesses for him and in this case, she is accompanied by Meyya to Lagos and Peshawar. Without her and Meyya’s knowledge, Ochineku has set them up for arrest in Peshawar, where drug-related charges get serious punishment.

Meyya’s deputy, One Mr. Air Livindi has stolen and hidden some of Ochineku’s money and the latter’s goon, GodPapa has the task of getting information on where the money is hidden in whatever manner possible. The gruesome description of what GodPapa does to him lasts all through the story, and Livindi finally lets out the secret but is eventually killed by Godpapa using a machete.

In Malindi, three foreigners, Karl Heinz Christof, Von Wagner and Bradson, members of a paedophile ring, dupe young girls, rape them on camera and upload the clips on a member-only website. The girls, Malia and Amina, are enticed by the money promised them.  After dumping the girls in Watamu, the three charter a plane to Nairobi but have to make a detour to Amboseli to pick something up for Ochineku. The plane crashes and all of them die.

Meanwhile, Ochineku is back in Nigerian with GodPapa, and while they are in a vehicle Godpapa tells him about Livindi- and what he did to get the information they needed.  As they are taking a corner on one of the streets of Abuja, GodPapa (the driver) fails to see an oil truck, their car crashes and they die.

A number of things stand out in this story: The heavy Kamba accent of Meyya Mutola, the violent ways through which GodPapa gets information from Livindi, the details of Princess Adhis’ body and sexual escapades with Meyya and the fact that all characters in the story -with exception of Princess Adhis (who gets life sentence in Peshawar) and Malia and Amina- die.

The quest for revenge, the greed and the nature of the characters have an important role to play in the story and how it ends.   Only by reading it,  does one get to know and understand the psyche of the characters.

Princess Adhis and the Naija Coca Broda is available on Amazon, and in bookshops and supermarkets in Nairobi.

About the Writer

Tony ‘Smitta’ Mochama is a poet and a journalist. He is the Secretary of Pen International Kenya.  Also called the Literary Gangster, Tony has published a collection of poetry- ‘What if I am a Literary Gangster and The Literary Gangster and a novel- The Road to Eldoret. He also has a collection of short stories titled ‘The Ruins Down in Africa’ coming out soon.


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    Great writer he is, I have to get my copy! Keep it up Smitta!!!


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