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Street Lit Short Story Contest

Hello writers,

It is time for you to take us to the streets of Nairobi, Mombasa or Kisumu or any other town/city in Kenya and the rest of the world. We want all the good and the bad things that happen in an urban setting. The good and the bad? Yes.

Sex, missionary and other positions. BDSM is something to look into. We are not being imprudent or shameless, urban fiction is not for prudes.


Grenades, guns and blows

Filth- Sewage, urchins, vermin

Business- The glassy corporate building and the black market alley




Your main concern with this genre of fiction: Show, do not tell


Last year we had a lot of urban fiction on the blog, almost on a monthly basis and we got very interesting stories that we still revisit. This year you only have one shot at the streets. Aim for the bull’s eye. Break all the rules of conventional fiction…but only if you know the rules. If you don’t know the rules, stay away from the pen until you learn them, use them and then you can come here and break them.

Submission Guidelines and Rules

  1. Word Count – Maximum 1600 words.
  2. The story must be a fictional story not a commentary.
  3. Make sure that the story you submit has your name inside the document, preferably at the top, or at the bottom if you must (if you include your pseudonym, please indicate this in your submitting email). Your document should be a Word 97 document, single spaced, 12 point Times New Roman Font.)
  4. Email to: with ‘Street Lit’ as the subject of the email.
  5. Do not submit first drafts and stories that you have not self edited.

Deadline for Submission: 24th August 2012.

If your story does not adhere to the above, it shall be disqualified from the contest.


1st Place – A copy of Princess Adhis and the Naija Coca Broda by Tony Mochama, a second Storymoja book of the winner’s choice and  2 Season Tickets to the Storymoja Hay Festival( 14 – 16 September 2012)

2nd Place – A copy of Princess Adhis and the Naija Coca Broda by Tony Mochama and  2 Season Tickets to the Storymoja Hay Festival.

3rd Place – 1 Season Ticket to the Storymoja Hay Festival.












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