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Street Lit – The Contest Shortlist

Just like the urban world, street lit needs to be fast-paced and intriguing.  A writer of street lit needs to make the reader feel the street. The smell, sight, touch, noise, taste (or lack of) should be felt by the reader, as he or she interacts with the protagonist or antagonist. Street lit should not be too obvious. It is great if readers discover something on their own- something that they did not anticipate.

The judges have been able to sort through all your submissions. They have come up with the shortlist of 6 stories. Please see the links below. The order of the stories does not in anyway indicate which story is at the top of the list. You can read and comment, but the shortlist judge will make their own decision about the winning story based on writing merit.

You will notice that the stories included in the shortlist have not been edited. There will be typos, grammatical errors, even structural blunders. We have left them as is so as to encourage helpful peer review.

So instead of saying ‘nice’ or ‘not so nice’, how about helping your fellow writer out with useful remarks that can be implemented in the edit of their work for possible future enjoyment perhaps even in print? If you only have one worded untruthful comments, please refrain from typing it out and then submitting it. Just text your ‘friend’ the lie instead.

  1. King of Khoja: This year, the year 2012 has been a most peculiar or rather interesting year for His Majesty Kamaa. Kamau is the king’s forename…
  2. Golden Lakes: Back  and once free from the welcome party, I opened the windows and collapsed in a heap on my mattress. The neighbourhood was powered. I could tell that…
  3. On the verge of salvation: Everyone has their thoughts of a saviour who will someday come and rescue them from the trepidations of this world. So, when the wazungus…
  4. Mean streets: Jess Mwangemi, who was slightly drunk, was trying to get home before dawn. She walked along one of the deserted roads of the sleeping
  5. Dave’s antidote: Dave calmly move around trying to make something of the mess on his table, I knew this was going to be one of the best, the lemons all cut up…
  6. Sex in the city: He won’t budge but I refuse to give up. I have to wake him up. His phone has been ringing off the hook yet he is dead asleep. Blacked out. His usual…

Happy reading. The winners will be announced next week.


One comment on “Street Lit – The Contest Shortlist

  1. Michael m. macharia
    September 5, 2012

    Why do the opening lines echo in the reader’s mind long after reading it?Brilliant and captivating .memorable indeed.Thanks R.M.


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