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Creative Master Class with Giles Foden at the HayFestKe

Written by Noella Luka

Photographs by Aernout Zevenbergen

Renownded author Gill Foden addresses the audience at one of his workshops on writing at the 2012 Storymoja Festival in Nairobi, Kenya

“The Character in a story is essential and perhaps one of the most important elements that should stand out. It not only helps drive the thought, but also pushes the story forward,” these were the words of Giles Foden, a world renowned writer famed for his award winning book ‘The last King of Scotland’ which was adapted into a movie starring Forest Whitaker.

Giles Foden is one of the writers gracing this year’s Story Moja Hay Festival and his master class on Thursday was listed as one of the must attend events.

His creative master class gave writers a platform to meet and interact with other established and aspiring creative writers. He engaged the participants at the Kenya National Theatre Amphitheatre, taking time to hear and respond to their questions.

Both young and old came out to have a listen and share ideas. “Growing up in central and East Africa informs most of my writing” added the professor of creative writing.

If you missed out on the master class and you would want to get a chance to meet up with Mr. Forden, look out for a session this Saturday the 14th 2012 where he will engage with Kenya’s Sibi Okumu, a celebrated playwright, actor and presenter, and you would get a feel of what it takes to become an established novelist.

For those who want to see the film ‘The Last King of Scotland’ Story Moja Hay festival will screen it on Saturday the 15th September 2012 at 4pm in the Ford Hall.




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