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Nature Kenya at the HayFestKe

Written by Noella Luka

If you are a book junkie or looking to get information that gives you a great new perspective about Kenya, then Nature Kenya’s tent at the Storymoja Hay Festival 2012 was the place to be.

According to Liz Aching ‘I never thought that people had a place they would come together and go for nature walks all over Kenya. What Nature Kenya has on offer is simply amazing. The books are a good place to start. I recommend anyone interested to have a look at what they have. They might be caught off guard like I was, but this is a definite must try experience.”

Through identification of species in different sites that may be endangered or threatened, Nature Kenya work together with various partners to raise awareness and spread the word to help conserve the environment.

This is home of nature and people who love all things nature. You will be spoiled for choice as there is something for everyone. Books about birds, insects, pretty much everything nature, are in store. For the kids, there are colouring books and a handy pack. For the adults, subscription to Nature Kenya ensures you have a glimpse of the various membership packages on offer.



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