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Relieving my childhood memories through Science

Written by Noella Luka

It’s always fun when you get to hang out with your friends and explore things together. It’s a lot more fun when you are young and impressionable and the smallest things amaze you.

At the Story Moja Hay festival 2012, I was taken back to those days thanks to science tent which was a much needed breather to work routine. It has being a while since I saw children excited about safety googles and better yet working on a science experiment.

That probably explains why I was looking forward to see exploding lunch bags, lava lumps and flexible boiled eggs. Honestly, I had my doubts and curiousity made me find my way to the science tent just to see how they will pull it off.

As expected alot of curious children and adults alike were at the tent. I was amazed that with basic everyday items, 2 litre coke bottles, methos, rolled up piece of paper and a smaller piece of paper, you can make a lava lamp.

In the whole experience, one thing stood out: Learning is a continous process and science can be fun. Well, those are two things, but still, it was pretty amazing having to see innovative ways in which you can teach children concepts that would otherwise take forever to learn.



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