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Warscapes Online Magazine Callout

Warscapes [] is an online magazine providing a lens into current conflicts across the world via literature, literary reportage, art and image.

Warscapes provides a highly professional and beautifully curated space for writers from all over the world to publish fiction, non-fiction, analysis and perspectives that are missing in mainstream publishing. Meanwhile, it offers readers a tool for understanding complex political crises in various regions. The great writing in Warscapes is cross-pollinated with art and photo-essays, with a synergistic and more deeply-penetrating effect.

The project has taken off since our launch in November 2011. We’ve now been read in 178 countries with excellent web traffic, and published work from some 50 hot and cold conflicts worldwide. With Advisory Board members like Nuruddin Farrah, Shashi Tharoor, Dinaw Mengestu, Zia Jaffrey, and Anne Nivat, to name a few, the magazine has garnered attention from top tier editors and agents in the publishing world. Warscapes operates as a not-for-profit through fiscal sponsorship from the New Venture Fund in Washington, DC.

We hope you will visit the site and see some of the work we’ve had the privilege of including. And please send submissions! They can be directed to



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