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My Prayer So Far

Written by Virginia Kamau

Nowadays I have a different prayer:
Don’t keep me from trouble,
Teach me how to walk through trouble.
Don’t lift me up to the sky,
Give me wings so I can fly,
When they want to bury me,
Don’t get me out of the pit,
Help me shake the dust and step on it,
It will lift me higher.

Don’t give me fish,
Teach me how to fish,
Don’t pick me up when I fall,
Give me the strength to rise up when I fall,
Don’t love me too much,
Give me the chance to love me too.

Don’t hide me under your wings all through,
Give me the courage to walk alone when I have to,
Don’t cure my pain at instant,
Help me learn what it teaches,
Don’t wipe away every tear I shed,
Give me the chance to wipe some of my tears,
to feel them on my fingertips.

Don’t make me feel like am the best,
Teach me that in a way we all best,
So I can be humble,
Don’t forget to watch over me,
for without you am nothing.


2 comments on “My Prayer So Far

  1. OTIENO B.C.
    November 20, 2012

    Reblogged this on It so Happens…… and commented:
    Well My Country Kenya is at a confusing moment right now. It so Happens, that I trully do not feel or understand Kenya and of being if a prayer be said this is it. AMEN!


  2. Virgy
    February 4, 2013

    Woooow!!!! Wow.


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