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Outside Looking In – The Shortlist

Nairobi Bitch by Eme Ferreira

I get home. Home is the place where I can be alone. And nothing happens.
I had lunch in Karen (southwest of the Nairobi centre).
A vegetarian dish, spicy and disgusting.
A friend said love. I said “hehe”. I said also “that dish is giving me butterflies in my stomach.”
Love?- he smiled.
Indigestion- I answered.
Then I went to the public toilet- near the KCB bank- and I tried not to throw up.
Just because I wanted to feel.
To feel something beyond you.

Then I get into the car.
And I felt asleep, meanwhile he stroked my hair,
but I couldn’t feel either.

I get home. And I went to work.
And I took some medicines for these pains in my (heart) stomach.
And then realized that, (hypothesised that), I forgot your taste.
Because home is the place where there is the acknowledgment of loneliness.
And is not bad. It is just real.
I felt released and blue.
And so tired.
Just yearning to touch you
to remember that
you are here.

©Eme Ferreira 2012

And now the short-list of Outside Looking In Entries. Please read and comment as the judges decide on the winning story. The Winner will be announced on Thursday 13th December 2012. The order in which the entries appear is not indicative of the judges’ decision.

A. Just Beyond BusiaYou wouldn’t expect there to be such a difference-it’s just one bus ride across the border, after all. I’m not some white-skinned ‘expat’ coming to share my ‘expatise’ for a princely salary in dollars. Read more.

B. Across The Valley: A Poem By Samuel Mwangi Read More

C. Outside Looking In By Nyairo T. Maina: Ondieki sighed, leaned back in his seat and looked out the window. Glancing at the terminal, he wondered when they would be taking off. Read More


D. Outside Looking In By Gidson Wariara

From your T.L.C

20th November 2012

Dearest Rose

My heart is breaking in front of me now that I know I made a mistake when I said goodbye. Read More 

E. Enslaved By Titus TundunyIt is slightly before dawn. It is two a.m. I lie on the edge of the wooden platform, the slim, worn out mattress doing little to reduce the pinch on my rear. Read More

F. MyKenya, Your Kenya, Our Kenya A Poem By Waliaula Lukamba  Patricia. Read More.




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