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A Sci-fi Thriller for Young Readers – Part of the Read Aloud Break-a-Record Event

Attack of the Shidas: AKAs Save Planet Earth


Three youngsters from three different ethnic communities are brought together when their town is invaded by aliens who steal their water and cause the town’s residents to feel hatred and anger towards each other. Tosha, Shana and Pato must overcome their ethnic differences if they can hope to save not just their own town but also planet earth.

In a manner reminiscent to Flash Gordon’s war against aliens that no one else on earth is really aware of, the three youngsters face this hateful aliens on their own as chaos spreads around them.

The three children discover that they have unique powers that can help them to save the earth. They come together with a determination to fight a war that even they themselves are not sure they can win. In addition to the mission they must try to accomplish, the three children have to face their own flaws, shortcomings and fears.

After several episodes of trial and error, the three kids finally succeed in not just saving their town but also destroying the aliens plans of ‘water domination’.

Written by Muthoni Muchemi who is the author of Kamau’s Finish and Doom Shook the Earth, books that have come to be favorite for young Kenyan readers, this sci-fi novella is a thrilling read for the young as well as the not so young. The story explores eight key themes:

  1. Inability to share scarce resources leads to conflict
  2. Mistrust and lack of unity weakens communities
  3. Unity is power
  4. Disability is not inability
  5. Friendship and communication across tribes/ethnic and social class backgrounds brings out everybody’s strengths
  6. Abuse of authority/power upsets society
  7. Children can be powerful change agents in society
  8. Society needs both genders to work together

The appendix contains exercises, questions and suggested activities that will ensure that the reader learns even as they enjoy the book.
The section on children’s rights teaches the child to know its rights and be socially aware.

Attack of the Shidas: AKAs Save Planet Earth will be used in the Break a record by Reading Aloud event on January 31st, 2013.

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