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A Drum, A Heart, A Book – Short Story Contest

It’s February! The second month of the year, a month that has 28 days unless it’s a leap year – and it just might hold someone’s happiest or saddest memories. Yes, I am talking about the red mania of February 14.

Let’s see if we can beat the love bug, or if it shall engulf us in happiness or sadness. Either way, let’s write!

Here’s an invitation to write a story that involves a drum, a heart and a book. You can include romance in the story, or not.

Your story must be at least 800 words long but not more than 1400 words long.

I will be looking at the story as a whole, but the prize will go to the writer who manages to hook me with the opening words of the story, and whose ending leaves me thinking “What in the world? I wish I’d thought that up!”

Prize on offer is 1000/- bob in airtime and a book from the Storymoja general reader’s collection.

Deadline is 15th February 2013 – a day after 14th February, just in case the red mania inspires the deadliners with brilliance that they can type at the very last minute.

Email you story to Format is Word 97-2003 attachment. Subject line must read A Drum, A Heart, A Book.

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Trade a Mate for a Date

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  1. AH
    February 4, 2013

    where should we email the story to?


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