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Invitation to Join Africa Creates

Africa Creates: The Radio Show

Africa Creates is an online radio show that will provide a platform for African writers, musicians and filmmakers to be heard and promoted both locally and internationally. Every week, the show will highlight and interview one artist. We already have one online radio station (based in the USA) that has agreed to air the show, and I will be approaching others as well.
Right now, I’m developing an interview schedule. If you are an African writer, musician or filmmaker and you’d like to be part of this, please contact me ( There are a few requirements to join:

Submit a short post
The post is for the blog ( and should be between 200 – 500 words. This can be on any subject – yourself, your background, what inspires you, what issues concern you etc. It should include a link to your website (make sure your website has links to online stores where people can buy your work!). If you’re not sure, just ask. This post is due at least one week before the interview. And I’m very kali about deadlines…

Subscribe to the newsletter.

Spread the word!

Tell everyone on your various networks: Twitter, Facebook, email, blog, SMS etc. Direct them to to sign up for the newsletter and to listen in to the show.

Follow and ask your followers to do the same.

Like the fan page: and ask your friends to do the same.
Tweets you can use:

Online Radio show highlighting African writers, musicians & filmmakers: @AfricaCreates #AfricaCreates RT

African writers, musicians & filmmakers get their own radio show: @AfricaCreates #AfricaCreates RT

Join the Africa Creates community

An important objective of Africa Creates is to develop an online community of support and networking. One way to accomplish this is through the Facebook group page ( To join, you’ll need a friend to sign you up. Feel free to friend me ( and I’ll do the rest.

What is the group page for? If you need a shout-out for a book launch, concert etc, you can post a request for the group to spread your announcement through their various networks. Need advice? Post it and see what feedback you get. This system depends on everyone committing to help others out, and the law of reciprocity works very well here: people who support others get support (not to mention repeat interviews and shout-outs on the show); the freeloaders eventually get found out and dropped! We’re all busy, but this really doesn’t take much time to occasionally check in with the group. You can also request Facebook to send email notifications when someone posts on the page. The more people involved, the more cross-fertilising between different networks can happen, and that’s to everyone’s benefit.
Indiegogo Campaign

Click on image to go to Indiegogo and see how you can help.

Click on image to go to Indiegogo and see how you can help.

From now until 24 March, Africa Creates has a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo ( Please pop by and see how you can support it. Ask other to do the same. For those artists looking for ways to raise funds for projects, you should definitely consider Indiegogo as one possible resource.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.


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  1. essie
    February 19, 2013

    Hey there, i would love it and appreciate if you gave me such an opportunity…how do i go about it? Thanx.

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  2. Peter Nena
    March 6, 2013

    It’s a profound idea. Positive and absolutely exemplary. I shall embark on it immediately. Thank you very much for your generosity and genius.


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