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A Drum, A Heart, A Book & A Winner

As promised here is this month’s winning short story:

Written in Song and Blood: A lone man climbed a mountain. His palms were rubbed raw against the rocks and the wind beat against him mercilessly sending the tail of his ripped shirt flapping behind him.

1 point for half the title.

1 point for being brave enough to veer from the implied topic of love & romance but still being able to keep me reading to the end.

1 point for self-editing and good grammar.

5 points for vivid description and active writing.

Kevin Rigathi Gachagua, please contact for me for information on how to claim your prize.

Just a Reminder:

An idea for your March Writing. Someone posted on a social media status recently: “I want us to be done with the vote so we can get back to living.” If you were to write a short story, how would you represent the ‘living’?

Send in your short story to Deadline is March 15, 2013. Subject of Email Submission: Living & The Book.

Your Short Story should have an appended Nota Bene stating the title of a book that has impacted your recent living and a short review – not more than 400 words – of the book.

Prize: Kshs 1000/- in airtime and a Storymoja book.




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