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Cat vs Some Wild Animal – Two Poems; Two Poets

First there was:

Cat to Master by Fred Kikete

He’s the greatest hunter


He’s tall

Walks on two’s

All the time

And never falls

On his front paws

To steady

Or creep up

On a rat ‘pup’


He makes a trap

And sits back relaxed!

© Fred Kikete

And then there was:

Wild… (Watch out for the Easter egg) by Nigel Obiya

We are a dangerous lot
We play a dangerous game
We know this…. But keep at it all the same

We are wild, not tame
We roam this vast, wild, sometimes friendly… sometimes unfriendly… plain
This sun scorched wilderness, this rough terrain

We get to carry a burden, such a heavy load
To work our way up the food chain
Life is a ragged road

To stand up and face a predator
While still preying on vulnerable prey
This is how it is, the law of the jungle

This line doesn’t belong here right? Still… I should probably end it with something that rhymes, like ‘pray’

The law of the strong
The jaw that can snap a neck bone
The claw of the jungle

The dominant ones have their way… it’s quite clear
The lesser ones will cower in fear
And those that spectate watch from a distance, and do not interfere

Let nature take its course
I have said enough, I await your feedback, for  this poem was metaphorical and not literal… of course
And so, kindly, if you will… engage me, the author, in profound discourse.

©Nigel Obiya

P.S. The image used to feature these poems has nothing to do with the poem and everything to do with the editor’s love of cats and fear of snakes.



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