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Strange Needs vs Flames – Two Poems; Two Poets

When I arrived at the scene, there were strange needs:

needing you by robert gathogo kimani

i thought of words that i could say,

to win you over and make you stay.

my head hung low, my heart grew weak

as i pondered on tender words to speak.

i opened my mouth, but words wouldn’t come

words wouldn’t form with this my tongue.

so after banging my head on the ground,

i thought it best to write them down.

what words could i use to grab your appeal?

what words didn’t another man already steal?

i pondered and banged my head some more,

and surely some words did pour…

“kind you are, to my heart and eye,

kindness i hope will never die.

i need you, like hard earth needs rain,

i need you…cool spring waters,

refresh me!

…be mine”.

©robert gathogo kimani

I Stayed a little longer and soon there were flames:

Reigniting the flame… by Nigel Obiya

What am I… if I am not gentle?
What am I… if I am not meek?
What am I if I am not humble?
Jah’s word tells me to be these… it makes me stronger, not weak

How is it then…
That  I get over certain issues, put them behind me
Then like a typical human being, my darn mind reminds me how to make a mistake, so I go back to these issues and revisit them?
I am human
I err
I am human… just like ‘him’… just like  ‘her’
I lose inspiration, and then regain it and compose a piece… my poetic tattoo… my permanent scar
Well, I’m back now… again I return
Full of things to say… or write about
Tragic stories… scorching flames from a fiery soul… yes, today I burn
I let the flames engulf my whole being
I let the dancing mix of red and yellow around me be enough
For me… right now
The only answer to my soul being… this
And passion being the question
Pure bliss
A satisfactory sensation
I am…
My own fire starter
I could care less about making a good impression

What am I… if I am not gentle?
What am I… if I am not meek?
What am I if I am not humble?
Jah’s word tells me to be these… it makes me stronger, not weak.

©Nigel Obiya


2 comments on “Strange Needs vs Flames – Two Poems; Two Poets

  1. Peter Nena
    April 25, 2013

    I don’t know how much meditation and deep thought went into these two poems; for I am strangely appalled by their absolute, yet incredible, lack of pathos. A poem must be possessed of such deep and profound emission of feelings that the audience is assailed by pure and vivid sensations, whether poignant or hilarious, and not left unmoved and wasted, such as these two unassuming and inferior compositions have done to me.


  2. nigelobiya
    April 26, 2013

    Peter, you are allowed your opinion, i have to respect that. However, you also have to remember that poetry is also a means of expression, and personally… I find ‘poets’ that over think pieces and want the poem to ‘rub’ them in a specific… or particular way… usually don’t know the first thing about poetry… I have met people that go on for days about haiku and sonnets and the likes, but when it comes down to it, they write some exceptionally bland pieces… I find such people pretentious and that they like the idea of being associated with poetry, rather than enjoying the poetry itself. All said and done, I respect your opinion, and disagree with it.


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