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Possession vs Protection – Two Poems; Two Poets

Bring out the tissues, we are going to cry:


Mine but not Me by Sote D

You are both a blessing and a curse

When you come my life turns upside down

You make me cry when nothing is amiss

You rule my life when you are there

It is because of you I slapped my best friend

Because of you

I stood up to my boss

Yes you are a curse

But also a blessing

At times I close my eyes

And wish you could come visit me

When am scared and shy

Yet you do not come at will

But you come without fail

When you are here I hate you

When you are gone I miss you

I still remember the 1st day we met

9 years ago

You brought with you

Pain, terror

And a realization

I simply accepted that you were part of life

Now I look forward to many times

To many tears because of you

To a lifetime of a love-hate relationship

Because you make me who I am

You remind me of how delicate and how strong I am.

©Sote D


We need more tissues:


To Serve and To Protect 

A little girl crossed my path;

She wore the sweetest smile on her face,

The brightest shuka around her waist –

Her flat chest, nonchalantly bare,

Save for the beaded necklace around her neck…


She considered me with open intrigue,

Her camels momentarily forgotten,

Leaning gratefully against a stick skinny as she –

A brave warrior protecting her turf,

Her eyes begging me to make a move…


I took a swig of my water,

And watched her tongue dart quickly over her lips,

She was for the moment, the face of sheer innocence –

A child in need of a chaperon,

Sent out to watch the flock…


I wondered what protection her stick accorded,

Should a camel decide to kick,

Or the brown grass to unleash its dwellers –

Or if they were her real danger,

Or why she ought to be facing any…


This was after all the land of fearless morans,

Trained to tremble only from the cold,

Known to fight lions with their bare hands –

Lauded for their willingness to protect with their lives,

Famed for their fierce loyalty to what was theirs…


Oh, the tales of the warriors most fierce,

Adorned for their pride in their treasures,

And sadly, their plundering of the real gems –

Their audacity in claiming their innocence,

For the meager price of a beaded necklace.

©Martha Arimi



2 comments on “Possession vs Protection – Two Poems; Two Poets

  1. nigelobiya
    April 26, 2013

    Sote… it was expressive… that I’ll give you. However i felt like you left us hanging… I’m going to assume you are referring to an alternate personality of yours… but it would’ve been nice if you clarified what you were writing about….

    Martha… well in, I especially like the imagery… Not sure about Maasai Moraans and camels though… and girls tending to the herd… also it would be a herd or a caravan of camels.
    Other than that… I like the piece, I think we can let a few things slide


    Portrayal of exotic Africa out there in the savannah, beautiful and tender, attractive and indifferent at the same time.
    The encounter appears real although the licking of lips is overblown.was the water offered ?How they finally related is unclear.

    POSSESSION-The speaker seems obsessed with the you.fair ptrayal of bitter-honey sweetness of love.
    the speaker seems to hate because he loves!use’first ‘day we met.delete 9 years ago-it is too prosaic.

    ‘protection’ seems to be more memorable of the two pieces .


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