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Encounters vs Quandaries – Two Poems; Two Poets

What was it?

Encounters of Another Nature 

You could guess from where

Come their nom de guerre

If you saw from where

They flaunt to lure a pair


[Swirled and brown is done the hair

A little dress that’s filled no where

Clutch of bag for wipes and fare

Completes the air o’ sensual snare]


The pure do call it aberration

Who know and care a variation;

If or not it’s an expression

We can’t defend to dub condition


[I didn’t see in them pretense

Or obsessive need to laws rebel

True, if odd, was their dalliance

With lots whose yearning did compel]

©Fred Kikete


What will happen?


Quandary by Emillia

Time zig-zagging with unembarrassed zest

Claiming a given latitude

Giving minute fidelity

Of a world that never was

Intertwined in a labyrinth

With the rim

At the point of dispossession


Defining our thoughts

Defining our breath

If the rim feels this way

What of the crest?

Glowing …

The planet appearing to ebb and flow

Like a mirrored image

But we ought to meet this thirst

Where did the soothing harmony we shared go?

This draws me to an intense silence

Feeling my blood under my skin

Feeling it flow

As if side-watching it on a glass

My first time on earth

Eyes shone on infinite light of satisfaction

Weaker and weaker they grow

As they strain to keep up

“Que sera sera_

Whatever will be will be …”

Life storms may be unabated

But I have to give a friendly impression

“If I accept bitter-sweet life effect

I get infinitely better than before

If I don’t …”

I do not have to finish that line of thought

Like a choked fog in my throat

I’ll live with it.




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