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A Prayer vs Sons of Adam – Two Poems; Two Poets

First a prayer:

O Father by Victor Sande Nabongo

You take me higher than the Mountains

Make me wallow in my harvest

Grab my attention when I’m lowest

Blow my horn like a trumpet

The reason I can confess

That above all I am blessed

You are my Father the one I look to

When I hunger you’re my stew too

With all my thirst you get my drink full

You come sooner than the Moonsoon

When things are looking down and hope goes away

Helter, skelter, all astray

O Mighty Father you never see me falter

As long as I am happy

I don’t care about nothing

As long as my Father loves

I will not falter, so I pray to the High

Never ever let me stray behind.

© Victor Sande Nabongo


Then a greviance between brothers:

The Baboon that Mauled my Flamingo by Mburu Nganga


Fellow man, my brother

I refer to you thus

Not because of any affection that I feel towards you

But because we both are sons of Adam

And we bear responsibility towards each other


But you have betrayed me

And caused me great harm

For you broke my rib

And you stabbed my side


You see, before I met my beloved

She had the opportunity to pass through your hands

An occurrence that should have been a privilege

An event that was a tragedy


You were supposed to nurture her

To respect her and to honour her

To protect her and take care of her

To model an example of Christlike manhood to her


But you killed her


You disrespected her and cheapened her

You used her to satisfy your hairy lusts

You dishonoured her innermost being

You defiled her sanctuary, you desecrated her garden


Yes, you


You abused her nakedness

You made a mockery of the throne of her affections

You broke to pieces the seat of her emotions


Murderer, destroyer, infidel


You tore her down and destroyed her

And then you walked away, like nothing ever happened

Like nothing ever happened


You left her wallowing in a pit of seemingly bottomless misery


Then I met her

A tender flower, still, but greatly bruised

A work of art, still, but greatly marred in many places

A help meet, still, but utterly suspicious of her companion

A sole-mate still, but unwilling to follow in my footsteps

A rib, still, but severally broken

A lady, still, but unsure of her value

A woman, still, but unsure of herself

A creation of God, still, but almost totally ruined by your hands


And when I laid my eyes upon her

I wept


For it dawned upon me, then

That this, too, is my story

That I have committed against fellow men and brothers

The same injustice

That I also have my share

Of wounded sisters


©Mburu Nganga


2 comments on “A Prayer vs Sons of Adam – Two Poems; Two Poets

  1. Ambuli Victor
    April 28, 2013

    ‘The baboon that mauled my flaming’ is realy touching. However, the first poem, is the best as it is literaly talking to God. I’ve actualy prayed. God bless the poet(s). I like it.


  2. OTIENO B.C.
    April 29, 2013

    The Baboon that Mauled my Flamingo…really exposed to me how as much as we point fingers at others we also handdown the same injustices.
    Haa haa haa….Brother of convenience
    Very real and touching how he yarns out the “blame” but also how the beloved is still a gem though still scared from the “baboon”. This to me depicts the reality,pain and disgust that violence and harrassment on women by men is; and how we (men) are at to blame directly and indirectly


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