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A Veil vs A Heart – Two Poems; Two Poets

So it was:

In my veil by Emillia

Paparazzi jostling and shouting

As soon as my feet land on the red carpet

Walking down the aisle

My veil surrounding me like a soft haze

My heart skipping a beat

Nervous I grow.

Determined enough

Not to crease my gown

Not to be stumbled by it

The very feeling a bride dreads

Not wishing to make all the efforts go down the drain.

Feeling alive as the camera lights flash on me

Making short steps

And pausing coyly as I count on

An itch on my neck

But I can’t scratch it here!

No one seems to be fidgeting

Every eyeball is fastened on me

My chin tilted down

 A thing I had seen past brides do

Not wanting to make other see me try so hard

Scanning the place

Lavish flower arrangements

Leading to the podium.

And there I see him

Feeling his burning eyes on me

Attempts to avoid the gaze not working

My already crossed fingers shaking

My promise of a lifetime

Whisper your vows gently

Whisper them till my inner spirits hear

Slip that precious ring on my finger

Beam me with delight

To preserve this fresh love.


And here is why:


for my BF

slow heartbeat

soft beating heart

another heart beats

not my heart beating

our hearts beating

beating at once

ours beat as one.


© Cornelius Okello


4 comments on “A Veil vs A Heart – Two Poems; Two Poets

  1. OTIENO B.C.
    April 29, 2013

    Very nice arrangement and play of words. reading both poems I feel some sort of beat in the back of my mind (maybe its just me)
    Very good description in “My veil” I can just “see” the bride (I have always wondered and imagined if they feel itchy from their veil or attire and if so when to they scratch).
    In “Heartbeat” I felt like I’m left dry and hanging. I guess its lover’s heart beating or probably music….drums


  2. elovepoetry
    April 30, 2013

    I like ‘In My Veil’ more, it’s cinematic in a kind of way, the description vivid capturing pictures mostly seen in dreams but turning the dream to a lucid one. Great Work!!!


  3. michael mwangi macharia
    April 30, 2013

    A VEIL captures the anxieties and thoughts behind the bridal net-such mixed emotion[sorrow and fulfillment]at once.
    A HEART is more playful and easy…hearts beating each to each-nyambura and waiyaki of the river between
    come to mind here.


  4. Thank you.


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